Multi-national Copenhagen indie rock band CAROUSELS releases debut single

June 8, 2023 - Copenhagen, Denmark

The Copenhagen-based indie rock band CAROUSELS releases their debut single “Get Enough (Can't Get Enough)”. The song traces the ups, downs, tensions and fate of new love. The track was mixed by the renowned UK artist and producer FYFE. CAROUSELS was formed in 2022 by Canadian singer-songwriter Matthew Walko following his move from Vancouver to Copenhagen. The band features a multi-national lineup, including an Icelandic bass player, an English drummer and a Danish keyboard player. 

About "Get Enough (Can't Get Enough)"

The song “Get Enough (Can’t Get Enough)” was originally inspired and written as a "Lovers' rock" reggae tune, a style made popular in mid-1970s London by artists such as Janet Key and Louisa Mark. The song follows similar confessional, yearning themes that tap into the push and pull, hope and often disappointment of new love.

After the formation of CAROUSELS in 2022 with an indie rock sound that melds touches of psychedelia and soul music, songwriter Matthew Walko revisited the track due to its strong chorus hook and vivid imagery. The song was re-arranged and recorded with a shifting groove, driving bassline underneath swirling synths and guitars. The vocals keep some of the lovers' rock spirit alive, but the song now sits comfortably beside modern pop and rock playlists occupied by bands such as Tame Impala, Inhaler, and Blossoms.

It was mixed by UK artist and producer FYFE (Kimbra, Iskra Strings, Ghostpoet, Aquilo), whom Matthew became friends with while living in England for several years.


CAROUSELS is a Copenhagen-based indie rock band, led by singer-songwriter Matthew Walko from Canada (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Bjartur from Iceland (bass), Elliot from England (drums), and Peter from Denmark (keyboards).

Matthew moved from Vancouver to Copenhagen and was keen to start a new project to settle into his new home and bring a fresh batch of songs written during the pandemic to life. The CAROUSEL sound is hook-filled and exploratory pop music—in a classic sense of the word—that mixes rock, psychedelia and soul music influences. CAROUSELS music moves the body, pulls on the heartstrings, and tends to stay in your head.

Lyrically the songs are deeply personal, touching on themes of displacement, loneliness, and hope sparked by the experience of moving abroad and starting over. Other songs draw from deep introspection and vulnerability about strained relationships to the injustices of our time and memories of the past.

The band has been playing live throughout Copenhagen, including BETA and Råhuset, refining their sound, and crafting their songs, while building a following. Early recordings have been shared on Soundcloud and Bandcamp with CAROUSELS planning to release more new music later this year.


It’s the exception to the rule

I let you into my globe (erode)

You were madly unaware

My own admission reckoning for air

The signs were strung out in a row

Red herring's of light (ignite)

It looked like we were on a roll

Interlocking halves but not a whole 

Most dreams are too good to be

I can’t get enough, get enough

Get enough, I can’t get enough

Get enough, I can’t get enough from you

It played out like a 45

An island of life (delight)

But faded to a different tune

Slight maneuvres, black and blue, both sides 

Most dreams are too good to be

Most dreams are too good to be

I can’t get enough, get enough

Get enough, I can’t get enough

Get enough, I can’t get enough from you

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