Copenhagen indie rock with a splash of psych and soul

Wednesday Sept 25 @ 20:00 - Opening for The Thing (US)
Råhuset (Onkel Dannys Plads 1-9, 1711 København)

CAROUSELS is the music project of Canadian songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Matthew Walko. Blending indie rock with soul and psychedelia, the music moves the body, pulls on the heartstrings and tends to stay in your head. Originally from Vancouver and now based in Copenhagen, CAROUSELS have expanded as live band and released a series of singles including In the City, The Fine Line, City Surround Me, and the latest Just Like Magic.  

Melodic, moody, and explorative—CAROUSELS tunes combine soulful beats, melodic bass hooks, psychedelic guitar flourishes, sweeping synths and stacked harmonies. The lyrics often counter the psychedelic pop sheen, exploring feelings of isolation and disorientation. For fans of Tame Impala, Arctic Monkeys, Blur and Spoon.

The band has been playing in Copenhagen, including BETA, Råhuset, Mojo's, Blågårds Apotek and gaining interest in Denmark and internationally through recent releases.

Recent Releases

Something Or Nothing At All

"Inspired by a creative challenge to imagine a CAROUSELS take on The Beatles’ “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)”, the track evolved into a fusion of neo-soul keys, psychedelic riff rock, boom-bap drum breaks, and jazz elements, resulting in a slow-burning exploration of raw emotions."

Where The Music Meets (EU)

"The bouts of relentless indie-rock power are, at times, surrendered for more of a piano-driven, mellifluous aural experience. All of this ultimately culminates in a song that you need to hear immediately. Fans of Blur, Arctic Monkeys, and  Foals are going to feel right at home with “City Surround Me,” and we hope that this means a new record from CAROUSELS is on the horizon."

Up to Hear Music (US)

"Denmark-based CAROUSELS have just released the indie pop rock classic “In The City.” This awesome track is filled with fun-loving textures and soulful melodies. Brimmed full of soul, it is not one to miss."

Up to Hear Music (US)

"Copenhagen-based band Carousels mesh catchy guitar lines and playful synth flourishes on “The Fine Line,” a scathing critique of incendiary figures that use hatred and sexism as a tool."

Obscure Sound (US)

"If you’ve ever wondered what an indie-rock Bond theme would sound like, then pressing play to ‘I Can’t Stop the Rain from Falling’ by rising Danish band CAROUSELS should give you a sweet glimpse."

Alfitude (UK)

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